Vethapuram Sky Life Trust


Arulnithiyar Course

The seeker becomes a spiritual master guiding their fellow beings to ease their spiritual journey. Having completed all the Introspection courses and the Brahma Gnanam course one becomes eligible to become a Master.

Each candidate is called upon to accept the responsibility of helping spread this philosophy and practices. The participants are given training in imparting exercises and meditation practices. The spirit of tolerance, adjustment and sacrifice must become strong and an intrinsic part of their daily lives. Everyone is urged to improve their character and personality to the utmost and serve the world with dedication and compassion for all.

The course gives a complete picture of how the One-Truth manifests as everything and how we are related with that One-Source.


  • Male: Age between 25 to 65
  • Female: Age between 20 to 65

Anyone with the above age specification, who has completed the Brahma Gnanam course is eligible to undergo Master training.