Vethapuram Sky Life Trust


Brahma Gnanam

The Brahma Gnanam course is about realization of the Ultimate Truth, the Almighty, named differently as Brahmam, God, and Unified Force.

The course gives a complete picture of how the One-Truth manifests as everything and how we are related with that One-Source.

The Vethathiriyam philosophical topics covered in this course are

  • Realization of God
  • Plenum, Force and Consciousness
  • Evolution, Mutation and Cause and Effect
  • Evolution of Vethan
  • Universal and Bio-magnetism
  • Evolution of Universe and Living Beings
  • Genetic Centre and Mind
  • Cosmology
  • World Religion

The Brahma Gnanam meditation is taught in the course which helps the aspirant to be constantly aware of the One Truth in and through all his activities. Altogether this course helps us to know the basic force of everything, which was the quest of many scientists like Einstein. The dream of Einstein that "Science and Philosophy should work hand in hand" is realized in this course.