Vethapuram Sky Life Trust


History of Pondicherry

In ancient period, small and beautiful landscape of Pondicherry was called as ‘Paduka’. By Passage of time, it was known as Agatheeswaram, Vethapuri, Puducherry and Pondicherry during the reign of French and later it became Capital of French-India.

Indian Struggle for Freedom Movement aroused the feelings in whole India, including Pondicherry. Though the rest of India got freedom in 1947, Puducherry was continued to be ruled by the French. People of Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam and Chandranagore were expressed their solidarity for getting freedom for our motherland.

First, Chandranagore joined with Indian Union at the time of Independence. Thereafter, under guidance of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a referendum was conducted among the representatives of people of Pondicherry in Kizhoor Village of this territory and Pondicherry was annexed with the Union of India, with the status of Union Territory on 1.11.1954.

Pondicherry is the second   Literate Territory in the country next to Kerala. But, it has abundant spiritual values and leading the country on spiritual path. The life and thoughts of Sidhas, Yogis and other Spiritual Leaders viz. Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Poet Bharathi have awakened the people towards enlightenment.

Auroville or the ‘City of Dawns’ is a remarkable landmark heralding the message of universal brotherhood.


Maharishi trained men and women without disparity, caste, creed, religion language and nation in all spheres of spirituality to attain Divine knowledge and to lead a blissful glorious life.

As a step forward to have a perfect method of life contributed by revered Vethathri Maharishi and to imbibe with oneness, Vethapuram Sky Life Trust is going to launch a Temple of Consciousness, early.

Puducherry is known for its historical importance with the advent of Agathiar, it was called Agatheaswaram and Vethapuram because of the teachings and blessings of Vedic, savants and saints in the Union Territory of Puducherry Arulthandai Vethathiri Maharishi established a Manavalakalai Mandram in Aryankuppam, 7 km from Puducherry town on 16.02.1969. This Mandram is third of its kind established under the auspices of World Community Service Centre (WCSC) with the head quarters at the then Madras City. In the year 1977 it was shifted to Puducherry town with great effort of Arulnidhi K G Sami the elder Manavalakalai Professor, revered disciple of Maharishi. This Mandram has been changed as Vethapuram SKY Life Trust in the year 1993. Later it was known as Temple of Consciousnous. Now it is housed in rental building No.217, 2nd Floor, M.G.Road, Puducherry-1. Mr.V.Janakiraman who was attracted by philosophy of Sri Vethathiri Maharishi, is doing spiritual service since 1969, the day of Establishment of Mandram in Puducherry and nom working as Managing Trustee of this Trust with following trustees as detailed below

Name List

The activities of this Trust are to train the aspirants the Simplified Physical exercises simplified Kayakalpa for a healthy physique, Simplified Kundalini Yoga, Meditation for a healthy mind and unblemished character through Personality development course, Introspection Course are also offered for self analysis and knowledge of divinity for perfection of man. This trust is also functioning as Spiritual Learning Centre. The WCSC under its educational division “Vision for Wisdom” in affiliation with six Universities of Tamilnadu are offering Certificate Course, Diploma Course, Post Graduate Degrees under the curricula “Yoga for Human Excellence” in collaboration of all temples of consciousnous. This trust is also conducting the above course for the past three years.

This trust has resolved to construct building for Temple of Consciousness of its own at Puducherry to continue the spiritual services for the benefit of the public in a more befitting manner. It has been decided to construct the building at Muthuranga Chetty Nagar, Saram Village, Oulgaret Commune, Puducherry.

Therefore we the Board of Trustees fervently appeal to all Spiritual Seekers, Philanthropists Industrialists and Public to donate liberally for this noble cause and encourage us to serve the people more energetically and make our efforts a success

Aims & Objectives of the Trust

The Trust aims to establish peace through physical, mental and spiritual peace in every individual, in society and among nations, towards this end, the ideology and activities of the Trust are based on and proceed on the philosophical, scientific and practical teachings of “Shri.Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi”.


In order to achieve the above aims and objectives, the following methodology and activities created and or synthesised endorsed by Shri.Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi will be initiated and pursued.

  • Teaching physical Exercise and Kaya Kalpa Yoga to maintain general health and prevent and cure diseases as for as possible.
  • Teaching an universal system of meditation (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) and introspection to enable one to streamline the mind, discipline deeds, maintain awareness, avoid emotional moods and actions and realise self and Truth to achieve full satisfaction in accomplishing the purpose of life.
  • Imparting the above on the Trust Campus and at any time or place in India and aboard as deemed fit. Imparting training to members so as to perpetuate and propagate the aims and objects to the global community as far as possible as and when appropriate.
  • Institution of library and publication of books or audio/visual materials as deemed appropriate.
  • Institution of health clinics, and engaging in health related research and service wherever necessary and appropriate.
  • Institution of schools, colleges for arts and sciences deemed fit by the Trust.
  • Institution of schools, colleges or training centre’s for teaching theories and practices as propounded and or established by Shri.Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi.
  • Acquisition, construction or renting of any property/buildings and providing staying facilities which may be required for the purpose of and in the course of the fulfillment of the Trust’s objectives.
  • The activities of the trust are solely to propagate a new system of international culture as taught by Shri.Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi towards realization of Consciousness and identification of the same as Universal Being through his system of spiritual exercise and meditations. There will be no religious rituals of any kind, deity worship or fictitious stories propagated or followed by any one or group under the aegis, sponsorship or in any extension services and centres anywhere at any time.
  • In propagating and imparting the teachings and services towards actualizing the aims and objectives of the Trust, the Trustees, Staffs, Teachers and Volunteers will strictly observe loyalty, obedience, respect and adherence to the laws of the land, region or peace as well as public or private rules and regulations wherever applicable.
  • To do services for development or virtues like spiritual knowledge, morality, social understating good habits in life, realization and awakening of consciousness and actualization of truth, purification of soul, mind and body, universal brotherhood, schemes for universal peace, to perform the said duties with absolute faith, understating, sincerity and steadfast service mindedness for the welfare of Human society and nation and World at large.
  • To help the aged, sick, invalid and orphans in society.
  • To help in the educational growth of children, students and adults.
  • To promote, assist and maintain all activities in conformity with the objects of the Trust and as are conductive for advancement of any other objects or objects of general public utility which promote the welfare of the general public in a charitable way.
  • And whereas the Board of Trustees herein has been further desirous for providing and establishing this trust with the following further objects without any profit motive.
  • Rural Development.
  • Establishment and maintenance of old age homes.
  • To carry out any or all types of scheme for the advancement of the welfare and well being and upliftment of woman.